We have used Harwood Trenching on several occasions at our farm in Medina, MN. Every time I have been so thankful Chad was there to do the job. He has installed water lines for horse waterers, septic lines for septic fields and gas conduits for natural gas connections. I am available to say more."

Cindy & Tad Piper

"First bad snow of the season. Roads are in terrible shape. Our Ritchie waterers froze in every pasture. We have horses and no water and nothing we try gets the water running again. I call Chad Harwood. Despite the snow and horrible road conditions, he drives to our farm at 9 o'clock at night. He determines a wire from the well room to one of the waterers must have been cut when we had repair work done on the well last spring. It wasn't a problem until now that the temperature dipped below freezing. The ground was frozen, too, but Chad started digging and didn't stop until he found the severed wire. He fixed it. That night. Our horses had water again, and have had it ever since. If I was asked where to rate Chad's work on a scale of 1-10, I would say, "An 11. His work and professionalism is off the charts."

Bob Sansevere


" Just wanted to thank you for helping me with my ground water problem .After 5 years, 8 contractors and no workable job plan .I was starting to loose hope.Then I was referred to Hardwood Trenching. Chad came out had it figured out within a couple visits.Chad helped me work with the township and their engineers .The drilling was preformed underground and I had little or no landscaping to do .Very Happy with completed job..."

Michael Lyons

"“Harwood Trenching has installed several water lines and frost-free livestock fonts for us over the past several years. The work has been done very well and completed on-time. In addition Chad has responded quickly when I have had technical questions, needed replacement parts or additional lines added.”

Tim Reese
Gale Woods Farm Supervisor
Three Rivers Park District
Minnetrista, MN

"In completing our extensive equestrian facility remodel project in 2013/14, we wanted to modernize outdoor horse care, so reviewed heated, automatic outside watering options from all the major providers. We ultimately chose to work with Chad Harwood, and couldn't have been happier with the final project. Harwood worked patiently through an extensive pasture redesign to provide many options to most efficiently locate and place 15 watering systems throughout the 40-acre property. We ran thousand's of feet of underground watering pipe, much of it through an unforseen rock filled area, yet Chad was able to meet the project deadline on time and budget. The entire system worked flawlessly through the harsh 2014 winter, making for very happy owners and horses. His team was respectful of the property and creative in how they addressed challenges. He has been helpful and supportive in answering ongoing questions, and in planning additional locations to the system. We enjoyed being around the intense pride and hard work his team brought this project. Our horses have clean, cool water year round, without the daily attention our old system required. We highly recommend his services!"

Chuck Hengel
Rein Dance Equestrian

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